Why use a Mortgage BrokerThe top reasons you should use a mortgage broker

Why use a mortgage broker?

Mortgage rates and products are constantly changing, and the Canadian market is getting increasingly complex every year. Working with a Mortgage Broker allows you access to over 50 lenders and many more products compared to walking into a bank. We as independent Mortgage Brokers work on your behalf to find you the best mortgage product for your situation. I fit your mortgage with the lender that best fits you, rather than have a bank make one of their products kinda work for you.

We have access to rates the banks don’t want you to know about. The broker channel is a source of millions of dollars of new business each month to lenders. The lenders always offer their best rates, which we in turn pass onto our clients.

In most cases our services are at no cost to you. The lenders pay us when mortgages are funded. The fees are similar from lender to lender, so no favorites.

We shop the mortgage market, saving you time to focus on finding the perfect property. We have access to over 50 lenders, including banks, credit unions, and trust companies.

Open every day, I am available to work with your schedule – days, evenings and weekends. Use my booking calendar to set up an meeting or start your application using my convenient online credit application anytime.

We only pull one credit bureau when shopping many lenders, so your credit score is unaffected. When you visit multiple banks, each one pulls your credit bureau, which affects your credit score.

We are skilled negotiators. We deal with the lenders on a daily basis so we know where to get the best deals and find the lender willing to work with your unique situation.

It is not always about the lowest rate. Lower rates come with higher penalties. My job is to weigh the pros and cons for each client’s unique situation to determine if it is better to take a lower rate or go with a more flexible contract at a higher premium.

We work for you. As an independent mortgage broker, you are my client , and I work to find you the best product possible for your current and future situations. At the bank, the employee you deal with is working for the banks best interest, not yours.

We take care of all the paperwork. We deal with the lenders ensuring all the paperwork is complete for the mortgage application.

We help guide you through the mortgage documents. We sit down with you and explain the conditions of the contract, helping you understand what you are about to sign.  We then guide you through the next steps of closing the mortgage contract.

About the Author

If you are buying your first home, renewing your mortgage, purchasing commercial property, refinance your current home, investing in recreational property or looking to do home renovations, Dario Trampus has the right mortgage solutions for you. As an independent mortgage broker, he deals with over 50 mortgage lenders, which allows Dario to do the negotiating on your behalf, and get you the best mortgage for your financial situation.

With over 20 years of experience in business management and planning, financial analysis, production management, operations and entrepreneurship, Dario brings his unique depth of experience into the mortgage field. He has the ability to quickly understand the daunting tasks in finding the right mortgage solution for his clients needs.


To reach Dario Trampus, visit www.bcmortgagesolutions.com to book an appointment, send an email or call him at 604.209.4106.

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